About Evolution 931

The Lodge of Evolution, No. 931, founded in November 2008, is a Masonic Lodge affiliated with Freemasons Victoria and a Lodge founded with a specific focus on younger masons.

Meeting the needs of members juggling pressures of careers and families presents unique challenges.

We therefore take the timeto engage with our members’ families in our social activities throughout the year including an annual weekend away to a regional Victorian centre with our partners and children.

Meeting on the first Saturday every month except January at the Collingwood Masonic Centre, the Lodge maintains a relaxed and friendly environment, free from work commitments where we develop skills in leadership, public speaking, centuries old traditional rituals, community service, charitable giving and having fun!

We invite you to learn more about Freemasonry and our Lodge. cropped-931_banner_320x600.png

Membership of the Lodge is an idealway for men of all walks of life (and of any age) to develop their character, associate with younger masons and explore the opportunities available in Freemasonry.

Visitors, whether they be Freemasons from any Lodge in the world or someone just curious to know more about Freemasonry are welcome to visit us for the Lodge meeting and/or fellowship dinner.

As part of a world-wide fraternity of Freemasons, we respect all members (they’re all brothers to us) regardless of colour, religion, or political opinions.

If you’re curious about what we do or want to know more, then all you have do is ASK!

“Whether it is a weekend trip to Sydney, a vacation in London, or a Holiday in South East Asia, you can find a Masonic Lodge, and with it companionship and friendship, anywhere in the world.”

– Member of the Lodge of Evolution 931

“Learning and applying principles of righteousness and responsibility in the hope that one day it will inspire others is at the very core of Freemasonry.”

– Member of the Lodge of Evolution 931